Testimonials from Happy Vintage Hair Creation Customers

My life has changed since I have been going to Vintage Hair Creations and seeing Christine for wraps. Three years ago I could not get out of the chair or out of bed without my husbands help. I was using Advil and heating pads daily. Since I have been doing these wraps I have been pain free and not using Advil or heating pads at all. I would recommend these to anyone suffering from arthritis, back pain, or neck pain. This has changed my life completely, thank you Christine. I am with you for life.

Carol Longenecker, Dunnellon, Fl

About Our Wraps!

I am so VERY PROUD to say that I have been coming to Christine for almost a year now for her body wraps and have noticed a phenomenal change in the way I look and feel! She is a very dedicated person and very informative of everything she has to offer in her salon. She is a very caring and loving individual and wants to help her clients in every way possible! I miss her terribly when I can't be there and find myself looking forward to the next appointment DEFINITELY!! I would highly recommend her to anyone. She really goes above and beyond! I would really like to take this moment to say a very Special Thank You to her! Christine, for all that you have done for me, my Special Friend, Thank you! I Love You and I am a "LIFER"!

Kim Kirkwood, Dunnellon, Fl

Kim started doing body wraps with me June 2015. She hadn't been successful losing weight. I have a local contact who agreed to offer my customers weight loss programs at a discount. Kim was one of my first customers who signed up. In 21 days she lost 20 pounds! In about 6 weeks she lost 45 pounds. She is about half way to her goal weight and is doing amazing. I'm so proud of her. She is so inspirational to all my body wrap customers. With commitment and work you can lose the weight you want.

Kim Hunt, Ocala, Florida

Kim started doing wraps on 9/11/13. She heard the radio ad and did want to lose weight. She has lost 35 pounds and has kept it off. Kim also started having her hair done with me also. Kim says the commercial is REALLY true. "Christine keeps me looking good from my hair to my toes!" Kim never stops doing wraps and also signed her daughter up after she had her baby.

Sherry Jobe, Gainesville, Fl

Sherry signed up on 1/30/15 she was getting married in 45 days. Sherry had been trying to lose weight on her own and lost nothing. (this is the case when people don't follow a weight loss program). On her first wrap I gave her the suggestions of a weight loss program. She started on a Friday and when she returned on Tuesday, she already lost 4 pounds. She located a FREE work out program that she starting doing also. Doing a weight loss program, and working out while doing wraps gives MXIMUM results. When customers are losing weight they lose more inches than weight!

testimonial from Jennifer

Jennifer started doing body wraps with me 5/5/16. She also started having her hair done. She brought by these roses and candle as a special thank you! Thank you Jennifer, you are truly a pleasure to have in my shop.

testimonial from Marita

Marita has been coming to me for several years for hair color and cut.

Jessica started wraps 6/10/14. She is an RN and states...
"I live my life to move, touch and inspire my patients every day. Having chronic lower back pain was interfering with that. I'm only 30, that is saying something. I was fortunate to find Christine and infrared body wraps. What once required prescription medication and physical therapy to manage is now completely taken care of in the span of an hour, once a week doing these wraps. It must be said that the experience would not be complete without Christine! Whether she is cheering you up with kind words and compassion or challenging you to be ferocious in life and attain your goals, she always makes you feel at home here. Thank you Christine for all you do for others and for being such a bright shining light in all our lives."

Jessica Gorski, Belleview, Fl.

THANK YOU, Christine.. For your professional and PERSONAL treatment... Its like coming HOME and getting added TLC... From the Body Wraps (which has helped me and my husband lose needed inches AND weight) to the waxing, hair cuts and more! It truly amazes me how efficient and KIND you always are - regardless of the day... the time... You have a cheerful smile on your face and a pleasant HAPPY story to share... Not to mention the volume of customers that walk through your door... You provide the BEST SERVICE at all times... And without hiring additional employees!

I travel from Gainesville to Ocala every week... And it is has always been a true JOY to do so... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Christine and Vintage Hair Creations to ANYONE looking for a place to come HOME too...


OMG-gosh.... just finished my second wrap.. because I took Ms Christine's advice and am following a weight loss program I have lost 2 1/2 lbs.. and on my second wrap, alone(today) I lost an additional 15 inches.. for a TOTAL of 31 1/2 inches... ... and that folks... was just for today! Woohoo!
If you don't take advantage immediately and call Ms Christine and GET YOURSELF IN THERE it is your own fault... This works... I guarantee it!! also - check out her website... Gives you any info you may need... www.vintagehaircreations.com
My next measuring will not happen for a couple weeks... So see ya then... Smiles! A huge HUG and special thanks to Christine! BIG Smiles!


Quite by accident I discovered Vintage Hair Creations and Christine Showalter when I was needing to purchase a Scruples Hair Product. I have remained a customer for about 6 years. having experienced all the services Christine Offer including body wraps I have been extremely satisfied with the quality of the of the products and expert styling. My two body wraps gave me a total of 28 inches lost. I have recommended Christine to many friends and family members.

Pamela Carson from Ocala, Florida

Good morning Miss Kathy,(of 93.7 K Country)
I had my first appointment last night and lost 13 1/4". I was very impressed with Christine. She is quite knowledgeable. She is bringing me a diet where I can eat real food and eat healthy. I am very excited and glad that she decided to advertise on WOGK. I will keep you posted from time to time to let you know how I am doing.

Edna Teeple from Dunnellon


Good morning Christine,
I hope that you are sitting down.
When I first started coming for my body wraps - you asked me 1 question: WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? I told you it was to get my fat back side into my black jeans and to wear my clothes more comfortable. Well, this morning I got this fat back side into my black jeans and zipped them up! This could only have been accomplished through body wraps; exercise and watching what I ate. Thanks for your suggestions on the food portion of eating. If anyone thinks body wraps don't work - they need to think again....I could not have attained my goal with out them and your encouragement!
Thanks for your help....

Edna Teeple from Dunnellon

I want to thank Vintage Hair Creations for helping me lose 16 lbs and 30 inches in the last 10 weeks. The owner is such an amazing and fun person. She makes you feel welcomed from the 1st visit. She is very friendly and makes it fun every time you come into the shop!! She is there to make sure you do your best and is very knowledgeable. I have been driving from North Gainesville for these 10 weeks. This is great for men who are trying to lose weight or just trying to stay cut! She has become a good friend and I want to do 10 more weeks very soon!

Anthony Lund, Gainesville, Fl

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