InfraRed Body Wraps in Ocala, FL

Testimonials from Happy Body Wrap Customers

Sarah Mihifeld comes from Gainesville, FL.

On her first wrap, Sarah lost 14 3/4 inches. She further reports this has helped with the arthritis in her knee. Wraps are comfortable, relaxing and helps with weight loss. Sarah has lost 11 pounds by wrap 5. Waist is smaller, cellulite is improved; she is wearing clothes that she hasn't worn in 3 or 4 years that were too small.

Terry Vukelich comes from Ocala, FL.

On her first wrap, Terry lost 15 inches. She is in her second set of 10 wraps. Isn't concerned about weight loss but has lost enough inches so far that her clothes are looser. Has helped to relieve joint pains. Doing the wraps has motivated her to lose weight.

Rebecca Schlicht comes from Lady Lake, FL.

Rebecca never stops doing wraps. When she started she wanted to lose a little weight. Taking my recommendations she did a weight loss program, didn't join a fancy gym, started walking each morning. By wrap 6, 6 weeks later she lost 14 pounds and 35 inches! Doing a weight loss program with the wraps takes your wraps to the next level giving maximum results. When you lose weight you lose more inches than weight.

Michelle Kirkowski comes from Ocala, FL.

Michelle lost 16 1/2 inches on her first wrap. Clothes are fitting better, has lost more inches than weight. Michelle states wraps are very relaxing, she is more motivated, has more energy. Michelle is signing for a second set of 10 wraps.

Laura Politz comes from Ocala, FL.

Laura has been doing wraps with me for a number of years. She states this is the best medicine for stress relief and detoxification. Loves getting the pain relief for her back. Laura recommends this to all her patients and health care providers.

Sue Martins comes from Ocala, FL.

Sue started doing wraps to get rid of the "battle of the bulges", as she says. On her first wrap she lost 17 inches. Her boyfriend has noticed an improvement in cellulite after her first wrap. As Sue puts it; "saddle bags are reserved for motorcycles only." Loves the friendly, relaxing atmosphere in the shop.

Vickie Smith comes from Williston, FL.

Vickie lost 14 5/8 inches on her first wrap. At the time Vickie started she was wearing size 14, as of wrap 9 she is wearing size 10. Had shoulder pains that are relieved. She is doing weight loss and working out with the wraps giving her maximum results. Vickie states she is able to walk up and down stairs without pain.

Rosalie Lobue comes from Ocala, FL.

When describing the body wraps she states; wonderful - convenient - outstanding customer service -. Wraps have motivated Rosalie; she has lost 13 pounds; after her first wrap she lost 15 3/4 inches. She was an X-Large in size when she started, she has lost 2 full dress sizes. She reports a reduction in cellulite on her legs and the sides of her legs. As a result of the detoxification process her rings fit much better and her shoes even fit better. She has no cravings or binge eating. She is more focused to work out. Says this is the push she needed.

Lynn Hilt comes from Citra, FL.

She loves the body wraps especially the elimination of cellulite on the back of her legs. She notices and increase in energy states she is motivated to get out of bed and come for her wrap. After her first wrap she lost 15 inches.

Nicole Lagasse comes from Ocala, FL.

Nicole started and then her daughter Jaime started. Nicole loves the wraps has an increase in energy. In 10 wraps she lost 2 pant sizes.

Jaime Lagasse from Ocala, FL.

Jaime graduated from Lake Weir High School in 2013. Upon graduation she was joining the Army starting basic training in July. She lost 10 pounds in 10 wraps which was what she needed to pass her Army physical. She reports because of the body wraps she made it into the Army and passed her physical. She sent a letter after starting basic training and had lost an additional 3 pounds. She says it was all because of the wraps. Jaime I wish you the best of luck!

Susan Montague comes from Crystal River, FL.

When Susan phoned she was in pre-wedding distress. Susan was getting married in 3 weeks. She had her wedding dress and when trying it on she noticed the bust area and some of the torso area was a little snug. I asked her if the dress zipped and she stated that it did. This was key to know if I could give her any help. Susan started and signed up for 5 wraps, we had just enough time for her to complete 5 wraps before her wedding. Happily the wraps worked for her, she tried her dress on after wrap 4 and the bust area and torso area was much more comfortable for her. She truly enjoyed her 5th wrap knowing her dress fit. I was very happy to help Susan make her wedding day a true memory. Her and her husband have been transferred to Hawaii. She is disappointed that she can't do more wraps.

Melissa Soriano comes from Leesburg, Fl.

She started the wraps for weight management. By her 3rd session she noticed significant relief from her fibromyalgia. Since doing the wraps she has discontinued her medication. Having lost weight her diabetes is much better controlled. In a short time she went from a size 24 to a size 18! Melissa has tried many different things to lose weight, she states doing the wraps is the only thing that has worked for her. States this is the best investment she has done. Melissa has recommended wraps to her mom. She is signing up again for wraps after this session and her mom is signing up also.

Dee Dee Pollard comes from Anthony, Fl.

Dee Dee is in her 4th set of 10 wraps. She's doing wraps to maintain her weight. She especially likes the pain management that she receives from the wraps. Every Saturday it's her time to relax after a long week of work.

Reanee Geritt comes from Ocala, FL.

When Reanee started she had a liver enzyme test done, her enzymes were at 90. After a few wraps, the test was done again and the enzymes were 30, which is normal. She loves the detoxification process from doing wraps. She has since referred her friend Cynthia Crump, they come together. Reanee has noticed her clothes fitting much better and has now moved her belt over 2 full notches. Reanee also loves all the "bling" and clothes she purchased from the shop.

Linda and Richard Robinson come from Lake Butler, FL.

Linda has previously done body wraps with me and has returned to do more sessions. After her first wrap she lost 18 1/2 inches. Richard signed up for wraps as he had knee surgery done. Since surgery he has been experiencing pain with his knee. After his 1st wrap he noticed his knee felt much better and more flexible. He also felt his face looked smaller. After his 2nd wrap his knee continued to feel better and he saw more muscle definition in his torso area.

Kim Hunt comes from Ocala, FL.

In 6 wraps, 6 weeks she has lost 12 1/2 pounds. After the 1st wrap she lost 15 1/4 inches. Kim is loving the weight loss and also loves the shop atmosphere. Kim loves hearing my radio ad as she says she knows the ad is true. Kim has already prepaid for her next session of 10 wraps.

Stephanie Rodrigues comes from Ocala, FL.

Stephanie was referred by another body wrap customer, Sissy Rodrigues. Stephanie has lost 9 1/2 pounds so far. After her first wrap she lost 16 1/4 inches. She is noticing that lumps in the torso area are gone as well as the bulge hanging over the bra area is gone.

Sharon Libby comes from Eustis, Fl.

Sharon has sarcoidosis and fibromyalgia. She is on several medications that cause weight gain. Doing the wraps has helped her prevent weight loss, achieve inch loss and helps with her pain issues. She is in her 2nd set of 10 wraps.

Gail Johnson comes from Palm Coast, Fl.

Gail wanted to lose weight and like so many has tryed many different methods to lose the weight. She tried on her own, however she was unsuccessful. I explained to Gail on her first wrap that when you try and lose weight on your own you generally are unsuccessful mainly through lack of knowledge. Taking the recommendations that I gave her she is doing a sensible weight loss program with her body wraps. In 6 wraps, 6 weeks she lost 17 1/2 pounds and 33 3/4 inches. She is thrilled as she states she has finally found something that really works.

Susan Adams comes from Lecanto, Fl with her sister Diane.

After the 1st wrap Susan lost 16 inches. At the end of wrap 4 she is noticing her legs are much smoother with the elimination of cellulite. Has also noticed a significant reduction in the pain associated with arthritis. She has reduced her pain medication and is noticing her clothes fit much better.

Diane Carter comes from Williston, Fl with her sister Susan.

After her 1st wrap Diane lost 15 1/2 inches. She is noticing significant reduction with cellulite by wrap 4.

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