InfraRed Body Wraps in Ocala, FL

Infrared Thermo Jet Body Wraps

I'm an exclusive provider of InfraRed Body Wraps. Whatever wraps you have done in the past or heard about are not up to the advanced system that I use. Please keep in mind, this not A WATER LOSS.

These full body wraps tone, tighten, detoxify, works on cellulite, helps eliminate stretch marks and works on pain issues. This is a PERMANENT inch loss process as it shrinks your fat cells. As long as a customer doesn't gain more than five pounds following the wraps the inches you lose will not return. Any customer doing a first time wrap has lost between 10 and 25 inches. This service works for EVERYONE. It doesn't matter about weight. If you do not need to lose weight you still benefit greatly from this service. I have customers under 100 pounds doing these wraps.

There are 3 InfraRed Machines available. I have all 3 available. The 2 additional machines give all the above benefits, however they each offer additional benefits. One machine is programmed to the customer specifically the size, there are also several programs available to choose from. Programs are available for pain issues, weight loss, cellulite reduction, there is also a program specifically for men.

The 3rd machine, again gives all the same benefits. The additional benefit is each time you use the 3rd machine you will burn 1200 calories per session.

With the addition of the two machines, customers are now able to rotate these 3 systems. By rotating the systems we are now getting increased results.

I'm proud to have been helping people for 20 years look and feel there best. I've helped many customers with weight loss, and also reduction of many sorts of pain issues. There are no contraindications with this service. The oldest customer I ever had was 86! Men love doing these wraps also.

These wraps are done by appointments only. Please call me at 352-687-8873. When you call I do work alone and sometimes have to depend on my voice mail. If you phone and reach my voice mail please leave a name and number and I will return the call. I return all phone calls. When you phone, I will tell you how you can receive your first FULL body wrap for as little as $30.00. This service is very comfortable, as there are no solutions, lotions, etc used customers do not have to be concerned about product sensitivity. I am certified to offer this service which is important for your safety as well as your comfort.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to call me.

(352) 687-8873

9347 SE Maricamp Road
Ocala, Florida 34472